What's New With Attending Home Care October 2023

What's New With Attending Home Care October 2023

Happy October!

As the seasons change on these beautiful days, we find ourselves transitioning from the warmth of summer to the crispness of autumn. While we may not all share the same weather preferences, one thing we can all agree on is the importance of staying comfortable as the warm days stick around for a little while longer and the nights grow colder.

At Attending Home Care, we know it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing weather during this season so we’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips to help you and your loved one enjoy this beautiful time of year to the fullest.

Dress in layers: Mornings may greet us with a chilly breeze, but afternoons can bring warmth pretty quickly. Ensure your loved one is wearing layers to adapt to the temperature fluctuations easily. Starting with a light, long-sleeved shirt and adding a sweater or cardigan that they can easily remove as the day warms up is a perfect compromise for the fluctuating temperatures.

Stay hydrated: While the heat of summer may be behind us, it’s essential to stay hydrated as the days go from cold to warm. Drinking plenty of water helps regulate body temperature and ensures your loved one feels their best no matter the weather.

Check the weather forecast: Before heading out to the garden or to grab the mail, check the daily weather forecast to know what you're up against. Knowing what to expect when taking an outing with a loved one can help you plan what to wear and help them avoid any unexpected discomfort.

Protect against the sun: Even though mornings are chilly, the sun can still be quite intense. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat when spending time outdoors or near windows. Sunglasses are also a good idea to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays on those extra bright days.

Keep a blanket handy: For those chilly evenings or unexpected temperature drops, having a cozy blanket on hand can make all the difference in keeping warm and comfortable.

Adjust your loved ones’ home environment: Inside your loved ones’ home, consider using extra blankets for colder nights and AC during the day, when needed. You can also open the curtains when the sun comes up to let in the sun’s natural warmth and close them when the sun goes down to trap the heat.

As we welcome October and its ever-changing weather patterns, remember that taking simple steps like these can help your loved one stay comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the season.

We wish you a wonderful and comfortable October!

Warmest Regards,

The Attending Home Care Team

Home Care Specialist Highlight

In the spotlight for October is the remarkable Sharon Binns, an invaluable member of the Attending Home Care team since 2018.

Sharon's dedication and compassion shine brightly in every home she serves. Her unwavering commitment to our clients has made her a cherished favorite among all patients' homes.

Sharon's exceptional English communication skills facilitate seamless connections with both patients and colleagues, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment. Her willingness to go above and beyond in every task exemplifies her passion for caregiving.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sharon for her outstanding contributions to Attending Home Care.

Attending Testimonials

“Really great and reliable home care agency. They went out of their way to help me. I would strongly recommend them to any friend and family!!”- Yida Stern

Going above and beyond is something we prioritize here at Attending Home Care.

Yida’s heartfelt recommendation is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional care and support to our clients and their families. We’re truly honored to have the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones and appreciate your kind words, Yida. We look forward to continuing to provide top-notch home care services for all our clients.

Attending Home Care is here to help!

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How We Can Help

This month, we're featuring our Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) Medicaid Waivers!

If your loved one requires nursing-home-level care, our NHTD Waiver empowers them to decide on their support. Be it age or disability, this program ensures they stay within their community, surrounded by loved ones, while receiving essential care.

For those facing traumatic brain injuries, our Traumatic Brain Injury Medicaid Waiver offers a lifeline. Amidst the challenges, this waiver provides the aid necessary to remain in the community, fostering hope for a more independent and productive life—both at home and within the community. Embrace a brighter future with AHC's waivers.

At Attending Home Care, we're here to support your family every step of the way, providing the quality care and support you deserve.

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Learn more about our TBI and NHTD state waivers.

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