Pediatric home care

Give your child the loving support they need to thrive at home

For a child with chronic or complex medical needs, home care can make all the difference in their quality of life—and yours. We’re here for your family with temporary and long-term care for children ages 0-18.

Speak to a home care specialist
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Get expert care in a familiar setting

Hospitals can be scary places for children, but nothing soothes them like their own bed and home. Give them the care and support they need in the place they love best.

Benefit from a much needed break

When experienced, loving professionals care for your child at home, you get a much-needed break so you can keep up with daily schedules, work obligations, and more.

Keep the whole family together

Maximize your time with your kids by keeping them all under one roof. Siblings will appreciate the attention you're free to give them and the chance to bond with their infirm brother or sister.

"My six-year-old daughter has Down Syndrome. Before I discovered Attending, I would go without sleep for days, and constantly worried that I wasn't able to be fully present and give her the care she needed because so much depended on me. When Attending stepped in, everything changed. My daughter is taken care of and happy. I can finally take better care of myself. It's been life-transforming."
—Cheryl M., mother of an Attending client
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How can my child benefit from home care?

Having a child with a chronic health condition is not only a huge responsibility—it also leaves many parents stressed, exhausted, and isolated.

If your child is 18 or younger and has been diagnosed with a prolonged illness, a professional pediatric in-home caregiver can help give you much-needed support and rest, helping your child (and you) feel happier and healthier while improving their quality of life.

At Attending, we are not just caregivers. We're advocates, resources, and partners in your child's care, dedicated to making sure that your child has what they need to reach their full potential and thrive in the comfort of home.

If you child suffers from a chronic health condition ...
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Complications of Prematurity
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Congenital Heart Defects
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Twins, triplets and high-order multiples
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Spina Bifida
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Traumatic Injuries
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Neuromuscular Diseases
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Spinal Cord Injuries
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Seizure Disorders
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Feeding difficulties
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Acute/Chronic Respiratory
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Down’s Syndrome
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Cerebral Palsy
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Post-op care needs
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Cystic Fibrosis
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Hypoxic Brain Injury
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Preterm delivery complications
Green outlined circle with checkmark
Near Drown
... the Attending team is here for them—and for you.

What can a home health aide do?

From newborns to teens, and all ages in between—whether your child needs care for weeks or years, our dedicated certified home health aides (HHAs) and registered nurses can give them the support and love they need to thrive.

breakfast illustrative
Feeding and meal preparation
green heart with bandage illustrative
Post-surgery care
blue half moon illustrative
Nighttime supervision
green toilet illustrative
Toileting and/or diaper changes
shampoo and lotion illustrative
Personal hygiene & grooming
green wash towel illustrative
Bathing and dressing
playing card illustrative
Playtime and exercise
washing machine blue illustrative
Light housekeeping
Peach and green cartoon house
Post-hospital follow-up visits
fruit bowel illustrative
Therapeutic diet modifications
green heart illustrative
Monitoring vital signs
pill and medicine illustrative
Medication reminders
... and more
Our promise

Your loved one's caregiver will be...

Green checkmark

Trained and certified

Certified by the New York State Department of Health or Department of Education, your aide studied and practiced the skills necessary to keep clients healthy, happy and safe.

Green checkmark

Meticulously vetted

You aren't bringing just anyone into your home. All aides are carefully interviewed and undergo thorough background checks to ensure they're upstanding citizens as well as compassionate, experienced caregivers.

Green checkmark

Thoughtfully matched

Your child will be most comfortable with an aide who understands their language, culture, and lifestyle. We consider each client’s needs and each aide’s strengths, resulting in smooth transitions and effective pairings.

Green checkmark

Backed by impeccable service

If the first aide we send doesn't work for your child, we’ll assign you someone new until you find the right fit. Call us with questions or concerns anytime and reach a live, helpful human—day or night.

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Our team is ready to answer your questions and guide you through this process. Call us today at (718) 421-1100 to schedule a free consultation and initial assessment.


We'll verify your eligibility

You have enough to worry about. Let us take care of the details. We’ll verify your child's eligibility and insurance, help you choose their caregiver, and find out how many hours of help they can receive.


Start receiving care—fast

We'll work with you to create a customized plan of care, communicate with your child's doctor when necessary, and start providing care for your child in as little as one day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for pediatric coverage? 

Any patients below the age of 18 can receive home care services. Eligibility may include treatment for a variety of health challenges, such as traumatic injuries, cardiovascular disease, and Down syndrome, among other medical conditions. Please reach out to our care representatives for more inquiries about your specific needs.

Can a child have their own family member be their caregiver?

Yes. A child can qualify for CDPAP and any relative or friend who is 18 years and above (except their parent) can be their caregiver.

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