Holocaust survivor program

Home has special meaning for Holocaust survivors. We'll help them thrive in the place they love best.

If your loved one survived the Holocaust, he or she may be eligible for free home care and other social services, regardless of their insurance plan. Attending is proud to provide care and comfort to survivors through this unique program.

We can help survivors with:

  • Home care
  • Transportation
  • Socialization
  • Case management
Is my loved one eligible?
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What is the Holocaust Survivor Program?

As Holocaust survivors age, they experience chronic health conditions, disease, and decline of mobility. Staying in their own homes and communities for as long as possible is vital for these survivors, who often associate any kind of forced institutionalization with memories of their traumatic past.

Attending is proud to provide much-needed home care services for elderly and disabled Holocaust survivors, ensuring they're treated with sensitivity and compassion.

“Many bureaucrats make things harder, but not Attending. They understand the strain, the stress and the pain of having sickness in the family, and they just make it easier.”
—R.D., daughter of an Attending client

How a home health aide can help

A certified home health aide (HHA) can help your loved one with:
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Personal hygiene & grooming

When our patients look and feel their best, it not only has significant health implications, but it also gives them a sense of well-being.

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Daily meal preparation

From arthritis to dementia, many conditions make meal preparation difficult or unsafe. An aide can help them enjoy a healthy diet.

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If one is unable to feed themselves due to a debilitating health challenge, an aide can provide much needed assistance.

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Light housekeeping & laundry

An aide can help keep your loved one's house clean, safe and livable, relieving stress for both them and their family members.

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Mobility assistance

Helping our clients stay as active as possible is crucial to their mental and physical health. We help them do it safely.

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Incontinence care

A sensitive aide will ensure that your loved one's personal sanitary needs are attended to with the utmost respect and dignity.

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Medication reminders

Remembering to take many medications can be overwhelming. An aide can make sure your loved one never misses a dose.

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Shopping and errands

If your loved one's mobility is impaired, an aide may perform errands like food shopping, banking, or picking up prescriptions.

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Struggling with one's health can feel lonely and isolating. Companionship is vital to your loved one's overall health and wellbeing.

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Recreational activities

With a home health aide by their side, your loved one can pursue their hobbies and passions and live a life they love.

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Including oversight by a registered nurse

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Personalized care plan development
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Post-hospitalization follow-up visits
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Catheter care education
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Vital signs monitoring
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Therapeutic diet modifications

How it works


Reach out to us

Call us today at (718) 421-1100 to initiate care. Your loved one does not need insurance to be eligible for the program.


Determine available services

A social worker will assess your loved one's needs to determine how many hours they are eligible for and to ensure they receive maximum coverage under the reparations guidelines.


Get paired with an aide, and begin care.

We will help you select an aide who understands the sensitive culture and needs of your loved one.

Speak to a home care specialist
Our promise

Your loved one's caregiver will be...

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Trained and certified

Certified by the New York State Department of Health, your aide will have studied and practiced the skills necessary to keep clients healthy, happy and safe before they step foot in your loved one's home.

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Meticulously vetted

You aren't bringing just anyone into your loved one’s home. All aides are carefully interviewed and undergo thorough background checks to ensure they're upstanding citizens as well as compassionate caregivers.

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Thoughtfully matched

Your loved one will be most comfortable with an aide who understands their language, culture, and lifestyle. We consider each client’s needs and each aide’s strengths, resulting in smooth transitions and effective pairings.

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Backed by impeccable service

If the first aide we send doesn't work for your loved one, we’ll assign you someone new until you find the right fit. Call us with questions or concerns anytime and reach a live, helpful human—day or night.

Survivors deserve support. They'll get it at Attending.
Find out today if you or your loved one is eligible for free home care through Attending.
Speak to a home care specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a Holocaust survivor?

The classification of a Holocaust survivor can be case specific, but anyone who was born in certain countries during World War II, was in a concentration camp, was in a DP camp, or had to flee their hometown due to the Holocaust can qualify. For more details, please contact our care representatives to determine precise eligibility.

Can a patient choose the aide that will work for her/him?

We pride ourselves in working closely with our patients and pairing each patient with the most suitable aide. We understand that getting the right “fit” is key!

Does a patient need insurance to qualify?

No, a Holocaust survivor does not need any insurance to obtain home care services.

If a patient is getting home care coverage via insurance, can they also qualify for coverage under the Holocaust survivor program?

Yes, a patient can qualify for coverage under the Holocaust survivor program in conjunction with any other insurance coverage. This is because a patient who has coverage under insurance may still require more assistance.

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