What's New With Attending Home Care February 2024

What's New With Attending Home Care February 2024

Happy February!

Wow, January flew by and we are already in the second month of 2024! We hope you tried some new activities and are holding strong to your New Year resolutions.

As we step further into 2024, Attending Home Care is excited to share some invigorating ideas to make your February truly special. Let's make the most of this winter season by embracing new experiences and creating memorable moments with friends and family.

We have gathered some fun and mentally engaging activities that will keep your mind sharp! These activities can help you learn some new things, and also keep you busy as we are waiting for winter to be over!

  • Virtual Travel Sessions: Transport yourself to different places through virtual travel experiences. Explore museums, and historical sites, or even take a virtual city tour. It's a fantastic way to satisfy your wanderlust from the comfort of your home and learn more about places from around the world!

  • Mindfulness Meditation: Dedicate some time to mindfulness and meditation. Whether it's guided meditation sessions or peaceful moments of reflection, mindfulness practices can promote relaxation and inner calm.

  • Music and Dance Sessions: Create a playlist of your favorite tunes, invite friends and family over, and have a mini dance party at home. Music has the power to uplift your spirits and get you moving. If everyone is unable to get together, share your favorite songs with friends and family for a virtual dance-off!

  • Cooking Adventures: Get creative in the kitchen by trying out new recipes. Explore cuisines from around the world or experiment with hearty winter dishes. Cooking can be a delightful sensory experience, and you get to enjoy delicious results.

Attending Home Care is here to support you in making February a month filled with joy, fulfillment, and learning experiences. Share your experiences with us on social media and let us know how you're making this month special for yourself and your loved ones.

Warmest Regards,

The Attending Home Care Team

Industry News

New advancements in technology are changing the future of home healthcare, revolutionizing the way patients receive medical attention from the comfort of their homes.

From innovative remote patient monitoring to the rise of home-based rehabilitation systems, these developments are enhancing patient outcomes and promoting a more cost-effective healthcare system.

Read more about these transformative technologies and their impact on the future of home healthcare.

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Home Care Specialist Highlight

In the spotlight this month is Jean Gervais, a shining star in the Attending Home Care family. Jean's dedication to his role as a caregiver goes above and beyond, earning him the admiration and affection of his clients.

Known for his unwavering professionalism, Jean approaches his responsibilities with a rare combination of respect, reliability, and a genuine love for the work he does. Clients under Jean's care consistently praise his attentive nature and the sense of security they feel in his capable hands. The Attending Home Care team extends heartfelt gratitude to Jean Gervais for his outstanding contributions.

His commitment to excellence, paired with his compassionate approach, embodies the core values that define our commitment to providing exceptional home care services.

Thank you, Jean, for your dedication, professionalism, and the positive impact you bring to the lives of those you care for.

Attending Testimonials

“Many bureaucrats make things harder, but not Attending Home Care. They understand the strain, the stress, and the pain of having sickness in the family, and they just make it easier.”

- R.D., daughter of an Attending client

R.D., thank you for your amazing and kind words. We appreciate you trusting us with caring for your family in a time of need. Knowing that our services have made a positive impact on your family brings immense joy to our team.

At Attending Home Care, we take pride in providing not just care, but a compassionate and seamless experience for both our patients and their families.

R.D. 's testimonial reflects our commitment to understanding the challenges families face during times of illness and the importance of making the caregiving journey as smooth as possible.

At Attending Home Care, you are our family!

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Holocaust Survivor Program

Home has a special meaning for Holocaust survivors. At Attending Home Care, we’ll help them thrive in the place they love best.

As Holocaust survivors age, they experience chronic health conditions, disease, and a decline in mobility. Staying in their own homes and communities for as long as possible is vital for these survivors, who often associate any kind of forced institutionalization with memories of their traumatic past.

Attending Home Care is proud to provide much-needed home care services for elderly and disabled Holocaust survivors, ensuring they're treated with sensitivity and compassion. If your loved one survived the Holocaust, he or she may be eligible for free home care and other social services, regardless of their insurance plan.

Learn more below and contact us today.

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