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Compassionate Home Care Services You Can Count On

Whether you are an individual who needs assistance getting around your home, getting your meals, or just to keep an eye on your medical needs, or you have a loved one in need of these services, our team at Attending Home Care can help! Our home care specialists are based in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. We are prepared to do everything you need to ensure that you or your loved one can enjoy health and comfort while maintaining as much independence as possible.

If you have questions about private pay home care services or would like to schedule an appointment for service in Brooklyn, contact us today at (718) 717-1010.

We have years of experience helping the elderly and those in need of extra assistance, and we take great pride in being able to contribute to a higher quality of life. Our patients’ wellness, happiness, and safety are of paramount importance to our team, and we are committed to fulfilling our promise of contributing to a happy, healthy home for you and your family.

Our health home care services include:

Private Pay Services

Because insurance restrictions may not cover the home health services that your loved one requires, private pay is offered as an alternate solution. With this, you can pay for these necessary services out of pocket to ensure that you are receiving everything you need without dealing with a third party.

Our Expertise. Your Peace of Mind.

At Attending Home Care, we understand that being able to live at home is of utmost importance to most people, the elderly included. It gives our Brooklyn patients the ability to maintain a sense of dignity, independence, and control over their environment even when circumstances can be challenging. Indeed, research has demonstrated time and time again that a person's sense of personal satisfaction and happiness is tied directly to their self-autonomy. When well-meaning family members encourage the elderly to leave the comfort and independence found at home, it can tend to negatively impact the very loved ones they are trying to help. By utilizing our services, family members in Brooklyn can ensure that their loved ones are receiving the help and care that they need while continuing to be as self-reliant as possible.

What is a Home Health Aide (HHA)?

There are a wide variety of services that we can help our Brooklyn patients handle, depending on what their individual needs are. This can range from basic tasks like feeding, dressing, and bathing to broader services such as patient monitoring, medication reminders, and even providing companionship. We also maintain detailed records of patients' progress and are prompt in our reporting of any unusual changes that may require the intervention of their medical care team. A few of the other services we can perform include things like meal preparation, running errands, appointment scheduling, and light housekeeping. All of our HHAs are fully certified and undergo specialized training, as well as continuing education throughout their tenure with us, to ensure that our patients are in the best hands possible.

Call us at (718) 717-1010 today to find out which of our services may be right for you and your family. We serve patients in the five boroughs of Brooklyn.

Attending to your Care Is Our Mission

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  • Diverse Areas of Expertise for all adults

  • Our Home-Health Aides Speak Many Languages